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New Collective Website

June 16, 2014

We’re finally proud to present to you our new collective and website! Welcome to Waking Dream Collective.  A new collective for filmmakers and a production company.

Waking Dream Collective was established in 2013 by three emerging women filmmakers based in New Zealand.  Our goal is to tell captivating and unique stories from the margins and give a voice to those not often heard on screen.  Our work is not just to entertain but to challenge and make our audience think – about themselves and their place in the world. 

There are some exciting projects in the works so please keep an eye out on the website or Facebook.

ImagePhoto credit: James Yang Photography

Showing in India

April 19, 2014

A bit behind on the blogging as real life takes over.  Real life as in work, bills and soul crushing arguments with the tax department.  But we were chuffed to have been selected as one of only six international films at the annual First Frame Student Film Festival in India.  Iran in Transit was one of three docos to be featured in the festival that is fully student run.

It’s rather awesome that we have now played to the most populous nations on Earth – Indonesia, China and India.


Screen shot 2011-01-04 at 1.54.52 PM

Press Release for Beijing success

November 18, 2013

A short one today.  Here’s the official press release through the University of Auckland.  Woop.

Winning in Beijing

October 31, 2013

Beijing was amazing.  The people I met were amazing, the city was amazing, the rush ‘hour’ on the tube was amazing.  I just can’t believe it’s over.  Festivals, particularly student film festivals are seriously fantastic places to make some new friends from all over and to see some incredible short films.  They’re also a testament to how hard student volunteers work in making that experience amazing for us visitors, so I want to give a big shout out to all the lovely people we met at the Beijing Film Academy.

The reception to the film was great.  We were even selected to partake in an Advanced Directing class where students asked us (including three other filmmakers) questions about our work.  One particular comment noted how this topic of homeland is also very common in China right now.

What’s also amazing is that we won an Outstanding International Student Film Award for ‘Iran in Transit’ – complete with a trophy, certificate and prize.  Very cool.  It’s my first real trophy since my glory days as a 12 year old gymnast (a time I’d rather forget).  So thank you BFA and thank you Beijing!  I will miss you intensely.

2013-10-29 18.21.51

(more pics to come).

A Writer’s Life

October 7, 2013

Been writing a lot.  And possibly drinking more.  Ah they go hand in hand, no?  Anyway in all seriousness here’s a link to my other more personal website as this is dedicated to Iran in Transit.  I will update the new one with more of my works, particularly of projects in development as there are a handful.  Hooraay!

With three other fabulous filmmakers who just happen to also be female, we have started a new production company Waking Dream Collective.  Website to come.

Next screening at the International Student Film Festival in Beijing

September 8, 2013

Exciting news as Iran in Transit was accepted into the 12th Annual International Student Film and Video Festival in Beijing, China as part of the International Competition.  This festival takes place at the very cool Beijing Film Academy which like the University of Auckland is part of CILECT (The International Association of Film and Television Schools).  Our doc will be one of two films from New Zealand at the festival this year.

The festival runs from Oct 20 – 26 and Ghazaleh is hoping to attend.  If anything, these festivals are a fabulous way to meet other filmmakers, enjoy amazing student works and learn more about the local film-making community – and we all know China is well, kinda a big deal.   So thank you ISVFF.

Iran in Transit still

Iran in Transit still

Where is Home? Pico Iyer

July 19, 2013

Home, identity, third culture kid, 1.5 generation – these topics are not new but ever growing. Pico Iyer talks about home and nails it. I can’t really say much else except watch:

* Much thanks to Sarv for bringing this to our attention.


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